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7 July 2023

Episode 7: Sex Therapy: Social Worker’s Potential as Sexuality Experts

In Episode 7 of the SCSG Podcast, SJ Dodd and George Turner discuss sex therapy.

Broadcast 5 Jul 2022

ABC audio interview Educational Vulva Puppets by Jane Bowtell" an interview by Caroline Perryman, ABC Central Coast

With sex a taboo topic for many, these vulva puppets are a tactile way to teach women and girls about their bodies.

The Central Coast's Jane Bowtell has been madly sewing these intricate pieces after being approached by Senior Lecturer at Western Sydney University George Turner.

Caroline Perryman met Jane and George at a cafe at Woy Woy for the handover of these educational tools.


30 April 2019

Social Work Discoveries. On Episode 13, Sexual Justice is Social Justice

George Turner sits down with Ben Joseph, a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University and the producer for the podcast, Social Work Discoveries. On Episode 13, Sexual Justice is Social Justice, Dr George Turner discusses the intersections of social work and sexual health/ well-being. George frames much of his work through a "sexual justice" lens and strives to create space where sexuality is normalized for his students. George wants his students and all social workers to consider sexuality beyond the typical disease, disaster, dysfunction discourse. George believes a hallmark of social work, the strengths perspective, is a perfect foundation to advocate for sexual pleasure for our clients. Dr. Turner discusses why sexual literacy is essential for social work practitioners and how they can become "askable" sexuality advocates for their clients. Dr. Turner wraps up by discussing his research agenda and sharing tips for how social workers can infuse sexuality within their teaching, research and practice.

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