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Research that makes a difference.
Scholarship committed to informing policy, enriching best practices, and expanding knowledge production.
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Utilizing the art of storytelling to illuminate the lived experience of individuals, families, communities, and workplaces.

Often unheard voices

My research exposes meaning using narrative enquiry to amplify often unheard voices, voices that have been left out of traditional research methodologies.


Various Research Methodologies and Content Areas

With over 20 years of research experience in various research methodologies and content areas, I offer research that helps organizations maximize their employee talent by digging deep to identify trends, issues, and opportunities.

I bring to research projects:

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Research tools offered

  • Open-ended interviews
  • Participant observation
  • Content mapping
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups

Working globally with diverse research partners, George invites people to tell their story. This provides results with impact!

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My body of research

Is committed to understanding how people experience their bodies and sexual lives; thus helping people have deeper more meaningful physical and intimate relationships.

Research organized around 3 areas of inquiry

  1. Increasing the understanding of stress, trauma, resilience among LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities (e.g. people with disabilities)
  2. Enhancing clinical social work (and other allied health professionals) development through the use of a sexual wellness informed practice lens.
  3. Impacting teaching pedagogy, policies, programs, and practices in order to improve the sexual health of individuals, families and communities.
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