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Grooming learners
who are capable of clarifying concepts, critically examining issues, and creatively generating ideas.
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Utilizing the art of storytelling to illuminate the lived experience of individuals, families, communities, and workplaces.

Cripping Sexuality Gallery

Cripping Sexuality: A Rebellion in Photos is a student led installation for the university subject WELF3022: Sex and Disability, taught by Dr. George Turner. The show brings together artifacts curated by the students each semester. Presenting the nuances and complexities within the intersection of disability and sexuality, students blend art, scholarship, and advocacy to examine the layered tension surrounding this often challenging and confronting topic. Students highlight their learning throughout the semester through combined oral and written expression recognizing that the academy can privilege certain types of learning and how that learning is conveyed.

Collectively students are contributing to the RE-narrativizing of sex and disability, countering out-dated stereotypes, propagated by institutions, communities, families, religion, and yes universities. These stereotypes have shaped public opinion historically framing people with disabilities as pure angels needing protecting from the dirtiness of sex or framing them as sex-craved animals needing oversight and guidance by wiser caregivers.

We hope you, our guests, are challenged, provoked, and inspired to see people with disability as having agency over their lives and their own bodies, entitled to full, rich emotional and physical intimacy and having a basic human right to access sexuality education, expression, and wellbeing. We hope this exhibit is a catalyst for you to think deeply about how disabled people are “othered” especially when it comes to their sexuality. Beyond a student’s individual piece - a collection tells a story, illuminating the taboo, the unspoken…. sex and disability. As you visit each artifact, allow the collection to speak to you. When it does… pause, reflect, and ask yourself: Are you anxious about immersing yourself into this conversation? Why/ Why not? What privilege do you have around sexual wellness not provided a person with a disability? Who gets to be sexual in our society? Whose sexuality is celebrated and whose is shamed, silenced, shut-out? How might you contribute to a healthier sexually-well society?

Education Philosophy1

Teaching Philosophy

Grounded in a vision to lead in the classroom, I value a student’s voice, create brave spaces, mediate sensitive discussions, invoke alternative perspectives, facilitate experiential learning, and design an equitable and inclusive learning environment.

Teaching Approach

Fundamentally, I approach learning as a student’s exploration of their values, beliefs and ideas. I ask students to examine old messages locked away behind forgotten doorways while exploring new doors of learning.

Teaching Approach1
Coures Taught2

Courses Taught

  • Social Work and Health
  • Practice Skills
  • Sex and Disability
  • Human Sexuality
  • Psychopathology/ Diagnosing
  • Multi-cultural Practice

Sample Teaching

Turner, G. W. (Invited Speaker). (2021). Whats Sex Got To Do With Social Work. Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) Field Education team as part of the NSW Combined Universities Field Education Group (CUFEG) and the Victorian Universities Field Education Network (VUFEN). Webinar, Sydney AU.

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