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Adam and Eve Artifact - Richard X.

Adam and Eve Artifact
Adam and Eve Artifact
Richard X.
Richard X.

The biblical legend of Adam and Eve describes the way God made the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden. This explores themes of desire, sin, and the effects of rejection while serving as a metaphor for the beginning of humanity. The sunflowers in the background may serve as a symbol for sympathy for the invisible disabilities.


I chose this artifact because it helps tell people that they are the human race's ancestors and was made by god on the sixth day as part of the whole creation he had started. Also, I picked this artifact because it tells that god had given Adam an instruction to refrain from eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He was given the task of looking after all of the sunflowers and the Garden of Eden. Also to give each animal he approached an animal that would make sense. Adam gained from Eve's "companion and helpmeet" function, because she was "probably one with him, to rejoice promote, and thank him. Also, we can learn that there is a difference between good and evil, experience joy and grow to become better people in the future. Despite this mass, humanity battled for thousands of years. Suddenly Jesus appeared and turned out lawful to the LORD for everyone who desired to take possession of Him. So yes I chose this artifact because it also helps me tell the story of Genesis in the bible in which Adam and Eve had first popped up and god made them. It can be like a little talk on Genesis 1 and 2 with him being born at first and then being expelled later on for doing something he was tasked not to do by God which was eating from the fruits of the tree of knowledge thus learning their journey.


I really enjoy the class Disability and Sex for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the way Dr. Turner brings the lecture to life by playing a type of music we may enjoy or want to know about. Dr Turner has a deep passion for this course as it introduces us to the employing lenses of queer, disability, and feminist theory to interrogate the privileging and ownership by mainstream culture of sex. By illuminating how people with physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities experience romance, love, emotional intimacy and physical connection, students will explore. It's not just about memorizing facts and interesting information we need for the quiz or our reflection but it is also about understanding how importance of Individuals who have disabilities frequently encounter homosexuality in their daily lives, and we should all have the freedom to speak about our sex lives, reproductive independence, as well as access to sexual wellness. Another aspect of the class that I appreciate is the variety of different artifacts we have come up with for our assessment three from having a banana and condoms describe sexuality to David of Michangelo on how far the sizes of dicks have become throughout the generation. Moreover, the class encourages us to think critically and analyze a movie we had to watch called Crip Camp and talk about it and also we had a talk about topics we were given in week one to give a five-minute run down on what it is about. I've had the opportunity to connect with fellow students who share a passion for this course.


This project has impact on me, both personally and professionally. It was an artifact we had to talk about sexuality and disability. An aspect that helped me was problem-solving because this project I didn't know if it would be safe to show to the class because they didn't know who Adam and Eve were but I had to dive down and gather a little information I knew about Adam and Eve and what I assumed they would know who Adam and Eve. So I learnt to adapt and think critically about how I would describe them in sexuality and disability. Moreover, I hope to consider time management because balancing coursework, part-time work and having other assessments with it can make me burn out so I had to balance my assessments. I acquired essential time management skills from it. I enhanced my capacity for control and productivity by becoming a better organization. This subject has also increased my confidence level because Dr Turner made us do some activities that involved us having to talk about a certain topic and having the confidence up there to talk about it because no one will know what that course or topic is about. I understood the fact that I was able to take on difficult problems and effectively complete things if I was determined and worked hard enough. Also, we network with each other because we would probably have the same class together because we're in a social work class or social science class that we're bound to have the same class.

Wish List:

I hope my artifact inspires viewers to take the following action. One aspect they could understand is the historical background of who they are. Adam and Eve we're a mythical creation made by the god of the first man and woman. They were apparently everyone's family members as a single pair of original ancestors. I also hope that the people who view my artifact can get some inspiration for their artifact and it might show who also lived in that time during the event of creation. Also, they can appreciate that these pieces of art frequently demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication to minute details, whether they take the shape of paintings, sculptures, or other media. Moreover, the religious understanding fundamental to The Bible folklore is Adam and Eve, a tale that is believed to have a significant impact on Western culture and biblical philosophy. Studying such representations can offer fascinating insights into the religious and cultural narratives that have mounded nations for ages. Also, these symbols of showing can be shown as temptation, sin, innocence, and human nature that we are not allowed to have sex before marriage and that sunflowers represent mental health and disability. Important intellectual and moral problems regarding autonomy, ethical behaviour, and the consequences of human conduct are brought up by the account of Adam and Eve. Such important issues may be thought about and discussed after watching the work of art. Also, they can consider the following to be an inspiration of creativity because of how a different person may see Adam and Eve.


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  • Hey Richard,

    I really enjoyed reading your Adam and Eve artifact. I enjoyed reading about the history you provided on Adam and Eve because I have not previously been taught about it in detail.

    I liked how you linked your project with Sexuality and Disability. I would like to mention however that it would be great if you could provide a brief background on the artifact about what the artist perhaps was trying to show. Furthermore, the book by Hayes (2016) called Religion and Sexuality
    could be really great if you incorporate it within your project because it discusses the past, present and future of the relationship between Religion and Sexuality.

    Your artifact has encouraged me to research and investigate how much religion plays a part when discussing sexuality and disability. Overall, your writing and artifact are really interesting and I wish you the best for your project and future.


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